Clean our watershed

bucket of trashWill you help Friends of the White River address the visual pollution found along White River and across its watershed? We have missed you during this unplanned coronavirus break, so we have launched a new campaign — #CleanOurWatershed — that allows you and your family and friends to pick up litter any time and anywhere in the White River watershed.

Your personal #CleanOurWatershed effort can be along the river or a tributary, or in a park or school ground, or even the street where you live! We ask only that you let us know what you collected, where and when. We will compile that information into a database that tracks the amount of trash collected, as well as its location. It’s fun, easy, and allows you to help your community while practicing social distancing.

You can download the Clean Our Watershed data form (PDF, 64 KB) and start today! You can use the form to record the trash you collect and email it to

— OR —

Download the South Carolina Aquarium Citizen Science App from the App Store or Google Play and register to become a member.

  • Once you set up a profile, you can add an observation to the Litter-free Digital Journal.
  • When you add an observation, choose the event named Clean Our Watershed.
  • Each debris type has a drop down menu with choices. It is important to pick the correct type of litter. You can also add comments if you want to be more specific about debris type or brand. Knowing brands and types of litter may help us target future efforts. (For example, some South Carolina communities, upon seeing their data about cigarette butts and cigar tips, have banned smoking on beaches.)
  • If you record on the app as you sweep, it helps to have two or more people, one to add data and the rest to pick up litter.
  • You can also download a data sheet to print and use it to add data to the app at a later time. The app allows you to change the date, time and location so that it is true to your sweep.
  • Add photos! You can take photos within the app or on your phone if you plan to add data to the app later.
  • Be sure you save the data. If you’re doing a long sweep, it can help to save your data partway through the sweep. You can always edit/add to the form by clicking “Options” and “Edit observation.”
  • If you’re unable to add the data on your own, email a completed data sheet and photos to

This is citizen science at its best! Help us #CleanOurWatershed today!

Cleanup volunteers in downtown Indianapolis. Photo by tom mcCain.

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