Cover crop insurance program for farmers

The Indiana State Department of Agriculture, The Nature Conservancy and the United State Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency have joined forces to implement the Upper White River Crop Insurance Incentive Program.

Cover cropping has many benefits including increased organic matter, improved soil biology, better water infiltration, and better water-holding capacity. This practice also prevents nutrients and sediment from running off the farm, keeping them out of nearby waterbodies and streams.

Crop insurance is an integral part of the farm safety net that provides financial protection for farmers after bad weather impacts their crops. This project will provide eligible participants with a five dollar per acre premium discount on the following year’s crop insurance for every acre of cover crop enrolled and verified in the program.

Currently, this program is only available to farmers in Delaware, Hamilton, Henry, Madison, Randolph and Tipton Counties.

small stream on a farm
The West Fork of White River begins in a Randolph County farm field. Photo by Ron Weiss.