Conner Prairie and new trails along White River

The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, which supports the engagement activities of Friends of the White River, is also working with other organizations focused on enhancing the waterway. One of those is Conner Prairie, the outdoor museum in Hamilton County.

At more than 1,000 acres, Conner Prairie is the largest remaining private landowner along the White River and commands a central role in the White River Vision Plan. The Trust recently committed $1 million for the Prairie Pathways Project, which will add 2.5 miles of River Legacy Trails with hubs and retreats that focus on the White River’s heritage, environmental significance and protection. The project also will improve the river’s health through habitat restoration and protection.

The effort is part of the Prairie’s $15 million Transformational Outdoor Nature Experience campaign, an outcome of the museum’s master plan study aiming to fully embrace the White River and provide greater access to it. The Trust noted it “is pleased to help Conner Prairie grow in ways that support the White River Plan’s vision for a waterway that is a clean, natural, historic, connected and an active asset for Central Indiana residents to enjoy.”

Friends continues to provide input on the Vision Plan, which is looking at opportunities and mechanisms to enhance the river in and along a 58-mile stretch encompassing it through Marion and Hamilton County. Below: White River Vision Plan video.

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