White River & its Friends

Friends of the White River is thankful people like you care about the waterway and its future. When our not-for-profit organization was established 35 years ago, White River’s promise and potential was not something that was the focus of public attention. That’s gradually changed over time.

volunteers picking up trashWe’re proud that you and so many others helped us make a difference. Problems ranging from raw sewage in the waterway to illegal dumping along the river’s banks are being addressed. Your past support helped us show that the public wanted the river’s challenges to be recognized and solutions to them implemented. Your support is still needed today, as we continue to advocate for ongoing restoration.

In these times when we assess what’s important to our quality of life locally, additional progress depends on the public staying aware of and involved with the White River. Your contribution allows us to be a voice in that regard. Please show your gratitude for the waterway with a tax-deductible contribution as we approach the end of the year.

Thanks again for your past support.

Kevin Hardie
Executive Director