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newspaperDo you recall how grim the future of the White River seemed 20 years ago, as millions of dead fish began appearing in the waterway right around the holidays? It was the result of a deliberate chemical discharge by a Central Indiana manufacturing plant.

The Indianapolis Star focused on what happened and what it means for today in an excellent article — 113 tons of dead fish: Indiana’s worst environmental disaster, 20 years later, by Sarah Bowman, The Indianapolis Star, December 19, 2019.

Friends is proud to have played a major role in those dark days of the past, and in today’s discussion of White River’s future. Your tax-deductible contribution allows FOWR to continue to be both a watchdog group and an organization that engages people who love the river in its ongoing recovery and responsible enhancement.

Remember, we need your support to prevent this type of environmental abuse from ever happening again!