Make a gift to the river

We’re asking you to help Friends maximize contributions made during the holiday season in conjunction with a new challenge campaign.

The Louis S. Hensley, Jr. Family Foundation has asked us to work towards matching a $6,000 grant they have provided for organizational operating expenses. Louie Hensley, a former board member of FOWR who passed away in 2012, was a long-time devotee of White River and its protection and enhancement.

His involvement with the group over the years led to establishment of our first public access project on the waterway, built in cooperation with the City of Indianapolis at Holliday Park. An advocate of partnering with both the public and private sector, Mr. Hensley was one of the organizers of our original fundraising efforts for a capital improvement that served as the basis for establishment of our River School as well as other on-water engagement activities.

Please use this grant as an opportunity to maximize a gift to and for the White River! As a not-for-profit organization, your tax-deductible contribution to Friends is a vital element of our annual fundraising efforts.

We appreciate your support!