State rep asks for review of reservoir proposal

Free-flowing White River in Madison County. Photo by Jerry Byard.
Free-flowing White River in Madison County. Photo by Jerry Byard.

State Representative Sue Errington (D-Muncie) has made a formal request to the Indiana Interim Study Committee on Environmental Affairs for an examination of the controversial Mounds Lake proposal.

“There are so many issues created by the Mounds Reservoir project that need to be addressed,” added Errington. “This legislative study committee is an appropriate place to examine those issues and get some answers.”

“In Delaware County, the issue has been a hot one because of the magnitude of potential problems that would be created by the reservoir,” explained Errington. “The White River would be dammed in Anderson, which means the shallow end would be in Delaware County, almost reaching to Yorktown. The Mounds Mall in Anderson, which was built on a landfill, would be flooded because of the reservoir. Likewise 400 homes, several businesses and part of the Mounds State Park would be permanently under water.”

The committee is a joint panel of Indiana senators and representatives. The vice chair, State Representative Dave Wolkins (R-Warsaw), “. . . expressed a willingness to include the Mounds Reservoir in the hearings,” said Eerrington. She has not yet heard from the committee chair, Senator Ed Charbonneau (R-Valparaiso).

Friends of the White River is opposed to the proposed reservoir project.  You can learn more at web sites for Representative Errington or the Interim Study Committee.