City requests continuance in DNR hearing about Warfleigh

Welcoming riparian forest on Warfleigh levee. Photo by Dan Vallesky.

July 31 — The City of Indianapolis requested a continuance of at least 60 days on a hearing regarding the Warfleigh Levee project. DNR granted the continuance.

Friends of the White River continues to oppose a plan by the City of Indianapolis and the Army Corps of Engineers that would provide for extensive tree-clearing along the Warfleigh Levee from Westfield Boulevard to just above the Kessler Bridge on the city‘s northside.

Most recently, we have petitioned the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, which is responsible for issuing the permit required for the work, for an administrative hearing in conjunction with the matter.

A pre-hearing conference is scheduled for same on July 31, at 1:30 p.m., with the Friends organization to be legally represented by the Conservation Law Center, a not-for-profit organization. The controversial project would provide for the cutting of mature hardwood trees and understory canopy right down to the banks within some of the best wildlife habitat to be found in the city. It has been questioned in terms of any flood control relief it might provide within that two and a half mile area.

Many of the neighbors along and across the river in the area echoed Friends concerns at a series of two public hearings held by DNR. We need your support as members and contributors, to keep this project from taking place, especially before additional flood control decisions are made as part of a study for the overall project on downstream. That study is now due to be finished in September.