Hoosier History: Another plunge

paddlers getting into a raftSaying it previously only “skimmed the surface,” Hoosier History Live plans to take “another Plunge into the White River.” WICR 88.7 FM will air the talk show from noon to 1 p.m. EST this Saturday, October 19.

So Hoosier History Live will once again plunge into all aspects of the river, from its use by flatboat crews who moved trade goods on the waterway during the early 1800s to the return of significantly larger numbers of some fish species, including bass, and other wildlife, thanks to progress achieved since the early 1980s in cleaning up the river.

Phone lines will be open into the studio during the broadcast at (317) 788-3314 and questions are encouraged. Host Nelson Price will be joined by Kevin Hardie, executive director of Friends of the White River, and Mark Kesling, a founder of Reconnecting to Our Waterways.

Muncie to remove dams

low head damThe City of Muncie has slated three of its five low head White River dams for removal. These will be among the latest of more than one thousand U. S. dams removed during the past century, according to American Rivers.

Free-flowing rivers are healthier than dammed because free flow encourages paddle sports and recreation, increases fish passage and mussel habitat, and impacts water quality. Removing dams also eliminates the drowning danger associated with low head dams.