Mission, vision, values


The Friends of the White River exists to protect, preserve, and promote our vital resource for communities in Central Indiana by connecting people to the White River.


Friends of the White River advocate for a clean, healthy river ecosystem. We will secure the necessary resources to educate, inform, and collaborate with the community including individuals, educators, government, business and other organizations, to sustain the long-term viability of the White River as a unique natural resource of Indiana now and for future generations.

Core Values:

  • We provide unparalleled opportunities for access & education through direct, hands-on experiences and responsible oversight of sponsored programs.
  • We achieve our shared vision of a clean, healthy river ecosystem through collaboration with community organizations and individuals.
  • We demonstrate stewardship through careful management of resources, direct leadership of cleanup events, and participation in strategic advocacy initiatives.
  • We foster sustainability as we engage local organizations, individuals and communities with each other and the long-term health of the river.