Midtown media on Warfleigh settlement

White River
White River at Arden Avenue. Photo by Dan Vallesky.

The Warfleigh Levee settlement agreement negotiated by the Friends of the White River recently received a big thumbs-up from local media.

In an October 19 article titled “Clear-cut Victory for White River Corridor,” Indy Midtown Magazine took a long look at the settlement and the negotiation process.

Thanks to the Friends, “. . . the banks along a stretch of riparian corridor in Warfleigh and Broad Ripple will retain vegetation originally slated for removal.” Author Thomas P. Healy went on describe many of the steps of the negotiation process.

To read the details, you can download the final settlement (PDF, 483 KB).

Updates to White River Guide

Have you seen what’s new on the White River Guide app, the Friends of the White River online resource for visiting our favorite waterway? The app now includes a section about Lower Fall Creek, from Geist Dam to the confluence with White River, showing launch sites, nearby amenities, and other features. Check it out!

Give yourself bonus points if you spot the listed feature that is unique to Indiana waterways, and is one of only a few hundred in the world. (Hint: It involves water passing above water. How cool is that?)